Terms and conditions of use of Helle Hollis Parking

These are the terms and conditions governing the parking contract between Helle Hollis Parking (Helle Auto S.A.U.) and the client, regulated under the Spanish law 40/2002 of November 14th.

Helle Hollis Parking:

will make a parking space available and will safeguard the clients vehicle for the period booked and agreed in the parking contract.

The client will hand over the vehicle and its keys to Helle Hollis staff upon arrival, and will be given a receipt. This receipt as well as client identification must be shown for the pickup of the vehicle. Helle Hollis Parking will only hand over the vehicle to the person identified in the contract or receipt or to persons authorized in writing by the client.

Helle Hollis Parking guarantees to park the vehicle in the indoor Helle Hollis parking, protected with CCTV and closed fence. The parking is protected 24 hours all year around and only authorized Helle Hollis staff will be allowed entrance.

Helle Hollis Parking will not move the vehicle outside their premises unless instructed and authorized in writing by the client.

Helle Hollis do not refund for unused parking in a short term contract. For unused parking in a long term contract Helle Hollis will recalculate the parking period applying the normal parking tariff without the 15% online discount and refund the remaining amount to the client account. The refunded amount can be used on either parking or car hire.

According to the Spanish law 40/2002 Helle Hollis Parking will consider the vehicle to have been abandoned if it is not claimed within 6 months of the expiry of the period agreed in the contract. Helle Hollis Parking may then make legal arrangements for disposal to cover costs. As a last resort this may mean selling the vehicle.

Helle Hollis Parking is not responsible:

At the time of receiving the vehicle in the Helle Hollis Parking facility, the state of the vehicle will be recorded and agreed upon. Any damages must be claimed to Helle Hollis Parking before leaving the installations. Helle Hollis Parking will not be responsible for claims that are made after the vehicle has left the facility.

The client must:

The client authorizes Helle Hollis Parking to move the car between the reception area, the secured indoor parking area and the washing area cleaning or for any special service requested by the client.

Privacy policy:

In accordance with the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data and in compliance with Article 5 of this Law, we would like to inform you that the Personal Data and photo you have given to us will be included in a file called 'Client File' which is registered at the Data Protection Agency (AEPD in Spanish) under the name of HELLE AUTO, S.A.U. (as responsible for the file), of Avenida García Morato, no. 14-16, 29004 Málaga, so that the company may carry out its car rental activities.

You may exercise your right to access, object to, rectify and cancel your personal data by making such a request in writing and enclosing proof of your identity to HELLE AUTO, S.A.U. at the above mentioned address.

Jurisdiction and governing law:

This rental agreement shall be governed by Spanish law. The parties agree that the contract will be judged by court or tribunal at either the renter address or the place of the origin of the rental agreement.

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